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.......a fictional model bus operation throughout Bucks, Herts and Oxon. Red Rover Buses - modern buses, traditional service

 A model bus operation in 'OO' scale covering Herts, Bucks and Oxon.   Red Rover Buses - modern buses, traditional service 

Historic fleet and service updates, generally over 2 years old

July 2016

Service updates

Following the decision by Oxfordshire County Council to remove all financial support for all subsidised bus services from 20th July, a review has taken place of the operation at Bicester. The Bicester town service network (routes 22, 23 and 24) was operated under tender from the County Council and it has been decided to continue this as a commercial operation for a 3 month period, after which a decision will be made as to whether it will continue in its current form. Fares will increase by 25% on these town services as a result of Red Rover now operating these without subsidy. In addition, with both Thames Travel and Heyfordian giving up many services entirely, we have decided to operate commercial services on the following routes on a 3 month trial from 22nd July (click on the routes to be taken to the timetable for each service):-

81 (Bicester – Banbury via Ardley and Aynho) - 2 return journeys on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday

94 (Bicester – Oxford via Ambrosden, Charlton-on-Otmoor and Islip - 2 return journeys on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday

In addition, through Section 106 funding by the developers at the former US airbase at Upper Heyford, we will also be operating the following in the longer term:

25/25A – renumbered 25 (Bicester – Oxford via Upper Heyford and Kirtlington). Hourly Monday - Saturday

Other minor parts of routes subsidised by Oxford County Council (340, and Premier Line 280) are being continued commercially without any changes.

Fleet News

The second of two Wright Streetlites entered service a month later than expected at the end of March. 3006 (RR16 BUS) is generally found on route 301 and, with the higher powered 6 cylinder 225PS engine, continue the recent higher spec trend with e-leather seating and onboard wifi. 

Also delivered was 7031 (OA65 CWD), the second of the two Scania Irizar i6’s for Countrywide Flightlink services from Aylesbury.

An interesting youthful used purchased is another MCV-bodied Mercedes2078 (SN13 CNC). It has appeared in service at Aylesbury in a revised livery incorporating much larger areas of crimson and the red lining swooped up the body and across the windows. It is understood this livery is being trialled to see how it wears, before a decision is made to apply it across the fleet.

Two less youthful purchases have been made for the increasingly large dedicated school bus fleet. The first is an Alexander Strider-bodied Dennis Dart 2006 (L133 HVS), which has received some coach-type seating and been put in to service from Aylesbury. The second is a much rarer Carlyle-bodied Dennis Dart 2007 (H712 LOL) which has received a minor make over with new seat cushions and placed in to service at Chesham. Also acquired, but placed in to storage prior to it entering service, is an East Lancs-bodied Dominator. H82 YEX was purchased from the Capital and Provincial operation. It is hoped this will enter service in time for the new school year in September. No fleet number has yet been allocated.

As a result of the arrival of the second Irizar i6, withdrawn at Chesham and immediately sold is Countrywide-liveried Volvo B12B Plaxton Panther 7041 (RK07 KDO). Caetano Levante 7050/1 (RR12 FLC/AY62 RRC) have been reallocated to Chesham.

Transferred to Bicester from Aylesbury for the services mentioned above are elderly Volvo B6s 2041/2 (S686 VOA/S682 VOA) and Volvo Wright Eclipses 2065/7 (OY57 CBF/OV57 AWA)

November 2015

Fleet News

AE07 NYR, a MCV Evolution-bodied MAN, and ADL Enviro200 EU58 JCJ, have now received fleet livery. Both were purchased to replace older buses.

Surprise orders announced are for 2 brand new Wright Streelites, to be delivered in early 2016. They are the door forward 10.8m version, with seating for 41 passengers. They have the higher powered 6 cylinder 225PS engine and will continue the recent higher spec trend with e-leather seating and onboard wifi.

Withdrawn are Optare Excel 2045 (N205 LCK) and DAF SB220 Myllenium 2050 (W265 CDN). Also due for withdrawal shortly is 2017 (Y619 GFM), Red Rover’s only Marshall-bodied Dennis Dart SLF.

An interesting used purchase is a Caetano Nimbus-bodied Dennis Dart SLF, from Uno at Hatfield. Carrying the appropriate registration UO55 UNO, it is currently receiving a minor refurbishment (new seat squabs etc) and repaint in to fleet livery. It will be allocated to Aylesbury, although a fleet number is not yet known. A further MAN MCV Evolution to join the fleet is former ACPOA AE06 VPW. Having spent its life on airport transfers, some work is taking place internally with new seating to replace the luggage racks, prior to it entering service at Chesham.

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January 2016

Fleet News

The first of the two Wright Streetlites entered service in late November. 3005 (LM65 JOU) is allocated to our Aylesbury depot, primarily for route 301 to Hemel Hempstead. 3006 (RR16 BUS) entered service on 1st March, the first day of the 16 registration. It too is generally found on route 301. Both are the door forward 10.8m version, with seating for 41 passengers. They have the higher powered 6 cylinder 225PS engine and will continue the recent higher spec trend with e-leather seating and onboard wifi.

Also delivered is the first of two Scania Irizar i6’s for Countrywide Flightlink services from Aylesbury. These are the longer 14m variants and are to full Euro 6 specification. Each has 61 seats and the vehicles have wifi and USB charging points for passengers. 7030 (OA65 CWC) entered service on 15th January, with the second, 7031 (OA65 CWD), due in February.

In a surprise reversal of a previous cancelled order, two further Volvo B7RLE Wright Eclipse 2-bodied have been ordered for delivery by October. These will join the existing two at Aylesbury.

Following the end of the Chiltern Railways rail replacement contract at Bicester, the three Omnidekkas 6070-2 (YN53 PAO/J/T) have been withdrawn and immediately sold. Also withdrawn at Bicester and sold are Red Rocket-liveried Dart MPDs 2106-8 (SN03 EBP/R SN03 LDX). These were only withdrawn because of the DDA Regulations from 1st January 2016. Withdrawn at Chesham is 2069 (OV57 AWC), a Wright Urban Eclipse and Countrywide-liveried Volvo B12B Plaxton Panther 7040 (YN06 MXW), it now being 2 month’s short of the 10 year Countrywide age limit. 

Withdrawn at Aylesbury is Wright Gemini-bodied Volvo B7TL 6015 (RR07 BUS). Transferred to Bicester from Aylesbury are ADL Enviro 200s 2020-2 (OV58 ABA/B, OV10 DCS). MAN MCV Evolution 2091 (AE06 VPW) has now entered service at Aylesbury, rather than Chesham.

May 2015

Service Update

Following a review of passenger numbers and potential for future growth, Red Rover has taken the difficult decision to withdraw Countrywide service 401 between High Wycombe and Birmingham. The final day of operation will be 16th May.

Fleet News

The order announced earlier this year for 3 new Wright Eclipse 2-bodied Volvo B7RLE has been cancelled

April 2015

Fleet News

A few interesting purchases to note for the expanding dedicated school bus fleet include Volvo Olympian/Northern Counties bodied 5016 (P550 EFL), one of three purchased from the same source. Its sister, P563 EFL, was repainted white and sold on to C&R Buses, while the third vehicle, P560 EFL, was used as a source of spares for the other two, with the remains going for scrap. A step-entrance Dart has also been purchased from one of the many fleets of Barry Dodd, making it the only non-low floor single decker in the fleet. 2010 (M389 KVR) has seen a light internal refurbishment with new seat cushions etc and looks splendid in the current Red Rover livery. It is allocated to Chesham.

For the new tendered services 363/4, a youthful Optare Solo SR has arrived from West Coast Motors. 3010 (YJ14 BAO) has the revised front end design (minus the silver trim) and seems popular with staff and customers alike. Arriving from the splendid Glenelg fleet of Dick Lindsay is a third MCV Mercedes for the Red Rover fleet. Retaining its blue seats, which is unusual for Red Rover, 2075 (VX12 FBO) joins the other two at Chesham, which have been operating very successfully there.

Leaving the fleet are 2029 (KX09 EYA), the final ex Southwest Bus Enviro 200 of 4 operated and 2056 (HX03 MGY), the sole Caetano Slimbus Dart only purchased last year (it’s place being taken by the Northern Counties Dart above.

Wright Urban Eclipse Volvos 2062/3/9 are re-allocated to Bicester from Aylesbury and Chesham for the revised 390 service, joining long Enviro 200s 2024/25 there.

At least 2 further Wright Eclipse 2-bodied Volvos are on order for 2015 and 2 Wright Streetlite DFs as well. These will replace some older low floor Eclipses and also at least one double decker.

December 2014

Christmas Services

Bus Services

  • 23rd December - normal services
  • Christmas Eve - normal services until approx 1830 only
  • Christmas Day - no services
  • Boxing Day - no services
  • 27th December - 31st December inclusive - normal services, with additional late journeys on 31st December only on Premier Line 323 from High       Wycombe to Aylesbury; Premier Line 280 from Oxford to Aylesbury and Premier Express X15 from Milton Keynes to Aylesbury
  • 1st January - Sunday service
  • 2nd January - normal services resume

Countrywide Coach Services
  • 23rd December and Christmas Eve - normal services
  • Christmas Day - no coaches on service 401, 702 or 703. Normal service on 701
  • Boxing Day - no coaches on service 401. Normal service on 701, 702 and 703
  • 27th December - 31st December inclusive - normal services
  • 1st January -  no coaches on service 401. Normal service on 701, 702 and 703
  • 2nd January - normal services resume

Service Update

Following a review of all operations, Red Rover will not be re-submitting tenders for the local services gained 2 years ago in High Wycombe, which introduced the low cost Red Rocket brand. As a result, services 35, 36 and 39 was withdrawn after operation on Friday 29th November. As a result, 5 of the Red Rocket-liveried Dart MPDs will also be withdrawn and sold after this date. These are likely to be 2100-4.

Fleet News

Re-allocated to Bicester for the new CityLink service, are Enviro 200 Darts 2024/5/9 and Wright Urban Volvo B7RLE 2062. They have been supplemented by an unusual purchase from Brighton and Hove in N202 NNJ, a Mk1 Dennis Dart SLF. It was purchased with some front near side damage and rebuilt to comply with forthcoming DDA requirements.

Red Rover has announced orders for 3 new single deck buses for 2015. Following the success of the two Wright Eclipse 2-bodied Volvo B7RLE’s delivered in 2014, 3 more have been ordered for 2015 (delivery in April, June and August). At the moment, no new double deck buses are on order, but the opportunity to purchase good, used vehicles will continue where possible.

With the repainting of Omnicity 6050 in mid November, the entire fleet has been repainted within the two year target in the current livery.

Preserved Bristol RELH6L ECW coach 9021 (TFM 267K) attended the first Model Showbus in Luton. Other former Red Rover buses were also at the event, these being entered by private owners. These included Keith Coaches Caetano Alpha-bodied Bedford YMT FJO 143V, ex Nottingham Leyland National FAU 721L and also ex London Transport National TGY 101M (numerically the first LT National as LS1).

August 2014

Service Update

Red Rover is pleased to advise that, following both market research and public requests, a new service operating between Bicester and Oxford will commence on 1st September 2014. Called Citylink, service 390 will link Oxford, Summertown, Gosford, Bicester Village and Bicester every 30 minutes. From Bicester, buses will continue to Glory Farm and Langford, offering residents in Langford 3 buses per hour in to Bicester (combined with Red Rocket 21) and 2 buses per hour to Bicester North Station with links to London and the Midlands. A full timetable is available by clicking on Bicester Services on the Bus Services tag.

We have also now included a map of all Red Rover Bicester services - just click on the Maps tab.

Fleet News

Used vehicles in to stock are further Mercedes Benz Citaro 2’s WA56 OZL/S (numbered 3011/2) which have come from Go Ahead in Plymouth. Both are allocated to Aylesbury for service 301. Also in stock, from another Go Ahead company (Solent Blueline) is Scania Omnicity HF58 KCE which has taken fleet number 6054. It is also allocated to Aylesbury and will be used for a forthcoming upgrade to service 366 to Buckingham.

Red Rover has taken on some additional Bucks County Council school contracts serving Cottesloe secondary school in Wing at fairly short notice prior to the start of the new school year. As a result, a couple of elderly used vehicles have entered the fleet. From South Lancs Travel is a Northern Counties-bodied Volvo B10M Citybus G645 BPH (numbered 5010); Northern Counties-bodied Leyland Olympian F152 XYG (5015) which has come from a dealer and Volvo B10 Alexander Ultra from Tanant Valley R986 SAA (2030). All have received fleet livery, so it seems their stay is a permanent one!

Whilst our website is updated periodically, instant Red Rover fleet and service updates are posted on the Model Bus Federation Fleet Operators Facebook Group.

Finally, other than those vehicles that are in Red Rocket, Shuttle or Chiltern Railways livery, only 10 vehicles remain in the old fleet livery. These are all due to be repainted by the end of 2014 thereby completing the repaint program.

March 2014

Service Update

Red Rover is pleased to announce it has won the tender to operate a rail replacement bus service from Bicester to Oxford from 15th February 2014. Chiltern Railways is building the first direct rail link between two cities (Oxford and London) for over 100 years, which involves upgrading the current line from Oxford to Bicester Town. To operate the service, three buses are required Monday to Friday, two on Saturdays and a single bus on Sundays. Buses will operate via the A34, with many also calling at Islip en route. The contract runs until Spring 2016, when the new line is due to be fully operational. A timetable is now available on the Chiltern Railways website. Chiltern has specified low floor buses, with a minimum of 60 seats (so double deck buses), painted in a special dedicated livery.

To assist this operation and also to support the local services already operating in Bicester, Red Rover is to open an outstation at Talisman Business Centre in the town, from late January. Nine vehicles will be initially based there, with full operational support from our head office in Aylesbury. Bicester outstation code will be BC.

Fleet News

Red Rover has confirmed orders for new buses for 2014. In addition to the 2 tri-axle Scania Irizars that were delivered in January and February (see below), two Volvo B7RLE Wright Urban Eclipse 2s are on order for delivery in March and April, a further Mercedes MCV Evolution is on order for delivery in May and a single Wright Gemini 2 Hybrid by the end of May. All of these buses, except the Hybrid, are for general fleet replacement; the Hybrid’s purchase is part funded with a grant from the Green Bus Fund.

The final two of four Tri-Axle Scania Irizar PBs have entered service on Countrywide services at Aylesbury (AY). Carrying fleet numbers 7062/3 and registrations OM63 RTJ/L they, like their two sisters, have the 420 hp Euro 4 engine, with 12 speed automatic gearbox for optimum fuel economy. Used purchases have come from Kentish Bus in the form of Wright B7TL Geminis 6019-21 (LV06 BZT/BZU/BZS). All entered service in their previous operators’ overall crimson livery during November, but have now been repainted in standard Red Rover colours. All were purchased for school work, but their condition is such that they will be used in normal service at Chesham (CH). 6001-3 (YN53 PAR/PAT/PAU) are Scania Omnidekkas purchased for the Chiltern Railways contract mentioned above. All were delivered in a yellow and blue livery specifically designed for the service out of Bicester (BC). A number of seats have been removed from the lower deck on each to accommodate bicycles, a requirement from Chiltern Railways.

Vehicles withdrawn and sold include 2015 (L489 YVK), a Wright Scania Access. This was only purchased in November, but sold in January; 2070 (MX06 VNV), a Wright Urban Eclipse Volvo B7RLE (sold to IJ Travel, Bicester); 6013 (FN04 HSG), a Wright B7TL Gemini (also to IJ Travel) along with 7016 (WA07 BGX) a DAF SB4000-bodied Vanhool T9. The final two T9s - 7014/7 (YJ05 PWM/J) have also been withdrawn and sold. Heritage ECW RELH coach 9020 (SAX 6G) has been sold to Town and Country for continued use as a heritage vehicle. Mercedes Benz Citaro 2011 (LT52 WXB) and Volvo B7RLE Wright Urban 2066 (OY57 CBG) have been sold to Huntingdon Executive Travel for further service.

October 2013

Fleet News

The first Scania Irizar tri-axle has entered service. Allocated to Aylesbury for Countrywide service 701, 7020 is registered OY63 AYL. It is one of 4 on order ? one more due before Christmas, 2 more by the end of February. Useful used purchases, also fully repainted in Countrywide livery, are Caetano Levante?s 7054/55 (RJ57 EFG and SR08 PTO). These have gone to Chesham for service 702, joining 7041 (RK07 KDO), a second Volvo B12B Plaxton Panther which also entered service during September.

An unexpected purchase, from dealer stock, is a new MCV Mercedes Evolution! 2075 (OY63 RRB) is operating from Chesham on trunk service 316 to Hemel Hempstead. It is Chesham?s first brand new bus. It is, however, likely to remain unique in the fleet as delivery costs quoted on a second similar bus had increased by 50%!

Acquired at short notice for a 2-school contract in Great Missenden is a rare Alexander Royale-bodied Olympian 5025 (M906 RFG). It operated in overall white from the start of the Autumn school term, but was repainted in to standard livery during October half term.

A number of vehicles have been withdrawn and sold. These include 2016 (Dennis Dart Alexander ALX200 LX51 FHP), 5040(the final Leyland Olympian Alexander RL H626 HNA) and both remaining Scania Omnidekkas 6040/2 (YN53 PAO/KN54 ZXV). Sold to Capital and Provincial are Volvo B7RLE Wright Eclipse 2060/1/4 (OY57 CBA/B/E) and to LJ Travel (Bicester) are DAF SB400 Vanhool T9?s 7010/11 (YJ05 PWF/G) with similar 7012/13 (YJ05 PWH/L) going to Rowton Coaches. These 4 coaches were in Countrywide livery. Having only been in the fleet 6 months, Dart MPD Mini Pointer 2103 (SN53 ECE) has also been sold

Also sold, for further preservation, is 9010, the ex Bristol Omnibus Bristol RELL6L (SHW 128G) to Filer Bus.

Further vehicles repainted in to the new Red Rover fleet livery include Eclipse 2062, MCV MAN Evolution 2090, Citaro 3007, Gemini 6018 and Enviro 400 6032

August 2013

Fleet News

A number of vehicles have been withdrawn and sold. These include 2016 (Dennis Dart Alexander ALX200 LX51 FHP), 5040 (the final Leyland Olympian Alexander RL H626 HNA) and both remaining Scania Omnidekkas 6040/2 (YN53 PAO/KN54 ZXV).

Also sold, for further preservation, is 9010, the ex Bristol Omnibus Bristol RELL6L (SHW 128G) to Filer Bus.

May 2013

Fleet News

Following an operational review, it has been decided to withdraw a number of the Enviro 200 buses, acquired a couple of years ago. These are the longer version and all were being used on Aylesbury town services. Vehicles sold include 2026-8/30 (KX09 BYA/B/D and KX09 EYA). Buyers were found quickly for all of them, two of them going to IJ Travel in Bicester, one to an operator Suffolk. Their place at Aylesbury has been taken older low floor Darts and Volvo B6s in addition to the remaining smaller Enviro 200s.

Also sold, surprisingly, is the MAN Plaxton Centro that was new in 2011 - 2005 (OV11 RRB). It has been sold to an operator in Staffordshire.

A revised fleet list has been uploaded to the Fleet List page, showing all the recent changes.

April 2013

Fleet News

A number of fleet changes in the last few weeks.

Finally in service is the Optare Tempo SR, carrying registration RR13 BUS. It has leather seating, wifi and also 2 TV screens, enabling advertising to be carried in future. It is allocated to Aylesbury, initially for service 323, carrying fleet number3030. 

Further used MPDs have come from Go South Coast for the new services in Bicester. All have arrived in their previous Red Rocket livery which they will keep and are registered SN03 EBN/P/R and SN03 LDX. They carry fleet numbers 2105-8, 2105-7 are allocated to Aylesbury and 2108 is allocated to Chesham to act as a spare bus for the Red Rocket services in High Wycombe.

Also in service at Aylesbury for school work is another Alexander Royale Olympian, 5022 (R620 JUB). In addition, similarR601/4 JUB have also been purchased from DB Buses, but are yet to enter service. Arriving in dealer white, they will be repainted in to standard fleet livery in due course.

Finally, a fourth Levante has been purchased, this from Rowton Coaches. It required little more than a repaint and has joined the other three Levantes at Aylesbury on Countrywide 701. It carries registration FJ59 APF and fleet number 7053.

Withdrawn and sold are the sole Leyland Titan, 5015 (WYV 64T) along with Alexander RL Olympian 5041 (H628 HNA). Also sold, surprisingly, is Scania Omnidekka 6041 (YN03 OLA) for further operation at Contractus and recent purchase 5030 (YD02 UMY), the Volvo Plaxton President that only arrived 3 months ago.

Finally, confirmed orders for new vehicles for 2013 are:-

  • 3 Polish-built Scania Omnicity double deckers. This follows successful operation of a single example purchased in 2012. These are due by end of Q2
  • 4 Scania Irizar tri-axle coaches for upgrading of Countrywide service 702. Completion of this order is due by the end of Q1 2014, with the initial 2 by the end of 2013.

March 2013

Service Update

Red Rover is pleased to announce further new services, this time in Bicester, using the Red Rocket brand. Bright, low floor modern buses will be used on the routes, starting on 15th April 2013. We are taking over a number of Bicester town services, with some re-routing to include a direct service to Bicester Town Station for connections to London. A summary of the new services is:

Red Rocket 21- Fields Farm and Langford to Bicester town centre and Bicester Town Station. Hourly Monday - Saturday

Red Rocket 22 - Southwold, Caversfield and Bure Park to Bicester town centre and Bicester Town Station. Hourly Monday - Saturday

Red Rocket 23 - Highfield and Bucknell Drive to Bicester Town Centre. Every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday

To view timetables for the services, please go to the Bicester Services page

Fleet News

Further used vehicles to report are a second DAF SB220 East Lancs Myllenium. Registered Y454 KBU it has received the new livery and is allocated fleet number 2051. Also acquired and in the new livery is another Scania Omnicity YN54 OBA,allocated fleet number 2087. Both are allocated to Aylesbury. Allocated to Chesham is a second Transbus Mk1 Enviro 300, with a Cummins ISBe220 engine. Carrying fleet number 2096, it is registered SN06 BUH.

Recent repaint in the new livery include 2010, 2017, 2045, 2055, 2069, 2081, 2095/6,? and 6040

January 2013

Service Update

From 21st January 2013, there will be a number of new services and service changes affecting routes in High Wycombe and Aylesbury. These are summarised below:


  • 317 – New service from Aylesbury to Steeple Claydon and Marsh Gibbon. Roughly hourly Mondays to Friday, with additional school journeys. 2-hourly on Saturdays.
  • Premier Line 323 – service increased to operate every 15 minutes Monday to Friday daytime. No change to Saturday and Sunday frequencies.
  • 361 – MF - 1720 ex Aylesbury retimed to 1730 and operates only as far as Ivinghoe. 1920 ex Luton withdrawn. New departure from Ivinghoe at 1815 towards Aylesbury. Saturdays, 1720 ex Aylesbury and 1920 ex Luton is withdrawn.
  • 365 – service reduced to operate every two hours, with additional school journeys. Revised to operate as a circular route from Aylesbury Bus station to Stoke Mandeville Stadium, Stoke Mandeville Hospital, returning direct to Aylesbury Bus Station
  • 366 – service no longer operates via Watermead Village. Timings remain unchanged.

High Wycombe:

  • Red Rocket 35 – New High Wycombe local service, operating hourly Monday - Saturday between High Wycombe and Flackwell Heath via Wycombe Marsh
  • Red Rocket 36 – New High Wycombe local service, operating hourly Monday – Saturday between High Wycombe and Bourne End, via Flackwell Heath
  • Red Rocket 39 – New High Wycombe local service, operating every 20 minutes Monday – Saturday between High Wycombe and Totteridge via Hatters Lane
  • 308 – Red Rover operation withdrawn, with service now provided by a different operator

Timetables for these new and revised services are available to view or download on their respective Service Page

November 2012

Fleet News

The fleet renumbering took place during November, please see the new Fleet List on the Fleetlist page

Plenty of fleet movements in and out over the past few months, many of them with Red Rover acting as a dealer.

Purchases for the fleet include two further Caetano Levante’s, one new (AY62 RRC) which entered service on 1st October. From Go Travel has come a second example, YX07 HJE. Both entered service in Countrywide livery and carry fleet numbers 7051/2. Also for Countrywide has come  7040 (YN06 MXW), a Plaxton Panther Volvo B12B, from the collapsed Bowens business. Surprise purchases from Go Ahead are five used Dennis Dart Plaxton Mini Pointer MPDs, SN53 ECB/C/D/E/F, allocated to Chesham are given fleet numbers 2100-4. They are for a new network of services to commence after Christmas. They retain the Red Rocket livery of their previous owner. For additional schools contracts have come Alexander Royale-bodied Volvo Olympians W436 CWX  (from Capital and Provincial) and R626 JUB, from Firstbus. They carry fleet numbers 5020/1. Also, YD02 UMY, Red Rover’s first Plaxton President, with the fairly rare Volvo B7 chassis. Entering service at Aylesbury, it for school work and can be used as a back up for normal services as well. It is allocated fleet number 5030.

Vehicles from the Countrywide fleet withdrawn and sold include 7017, a DAF SB4000 Vanhool T9 (KM06 GSM) to Go Travel, along with 7040, a Volvo B12B-bodied Plaxton Panther (DEZ 4118). 7016, another DAF SB4000 Vanhool T9 (YJ06 LGA) has also been sold.

Also purchased and sold on include ECW-bodied Olympian A173 VFW (to an operator in Dorset); Optare Solo MX05 OUD and  Wright Eclipse Volvo SJ04 DUJ to an operator in Peterborough; H654 UWR (a Plaxton Paramount-bodied Volvo) and LJ56 ONH, a Dennis Dart Plaxton MPD, all of which were repainted white before onward sale. Purchased from Mid Hants were Solos HR58 JKF and W811 LAA and from E-bus Solo YR08 GZH. All were repainted blue and white, prior to onward sale to Fylde Coast Buses. None of these vehicles were allocated fleet numbers during their stay at Red Rover.

June 2012 Service Update

Great news is the announcement of another new Countrywide coach service to be operated by Red Rover, starting on 25th June. FlightLink 703 will operate between Oxford and Luton Airport via Bicester, Aylesbury and Leighton Buzzard, every 2 hours, every day. It will offer new links from Leighton Buzzard, Bicester and Oxford direct to Luton Airport and offers a direct link to the biggest retail outlet centre in Europe at Bicester Village from Leighton Buzzard and Aylesbury. Combined with Countrywide 701, there will be an hourly service to Luton Airport which will make catching your flight that much easier.

A timetable for the new service is available to view or download on the Express coach services pageMarch 2012

Fleet News

Our first new

Acquired coaches are Vanhool DAF T9’s YJ06 LGA and KM06 GSM for the new FlightLink service. They are currently being repainted, prior to the start of the new service later this month. New in to service is our first NEW coach, a Volvo B9B Caetano Levante, carrying registration RR12 FLC. It has received fleet number and will launch the new FlightLink service on 25th June, before settling in to operate on FlightLink 701. A picture of this stunning coach is on the Photos page.

Sold to Capital and Provincial are are 271/2 (YN51 KGU, FN04 HSG) Volvo B7RLE Wright Urban Eclipses, 239 (YN04 AMX) which was the sole Scania N94UB OmniTown and 517 (F507 JCN), the sole Scania N113 with Alexander R body.April 2012

Fleet News

Further used vehicles have arrived in the shape of a Volvo B12B Plaxton Panther, DEZ 4115, which has taken fleet number 711. It has received Countrywide livery and is allocated to Aylesbury. Also taken in to stock are a couple of ex Stagecoach London Dennis Dart SLFs with Alexander ALX200 bodies - LX51 FHL/P. The first, FHL, has entered service with Aylesbury Linkline branding after receiving a full refurbishment (including new seats) and carries fleet number 215. The second of the two is currently stored prior to refurbishment. Both are to replace Scania Omnicities on Aylesbury Linkline services, which will be sent to Chesham to oust some early model Wright Urban Eclipses. 

An updated fleet list for April is now available - just go to the Fleet List page and click to view or download. 

Red Rover Buses is also now on Facebook - Just go to Red Rover Buses on  ADL Enviro 300 entrered service on 1st March. For use on Aylesbury LinkLine service LinkLine 5, it is registered OY12 BUS. Pictures of the new bus, prior to it's Link Line vinyls being applied, are on the Photographs page.

New orders for buses have been announced, along with an order for the first new coach.

Two new double deck buses are to enter service in 2012, the first being an Optare Olympus (the first Optare vehicle to be operated by Red Rover for a number of years), which is due in July. The second is a further ADL Enviro 400, due in October. Only one single deck bus is required, another Optare product, this time a Tempo, with an option on a further Tempo before the end of the year. The Tempo is due in September.

Our first new coach is a Caetano Levante on a Volvo chassis, for Countrywide services. This is due to enter serice in late May. 

As with previous years, Red Rover will continue to purchase quality used vehicles to ensure the fleet remains amongst the youngest of it's type in the UK.


February 2012

Service Update

Following a period of consultation with our customers, there are significant changes to Aylesbury town services from 20th February with many services renumbered, retimed and re-routed. All town services are branded Aylesbury LinkLine. A summary of the changes are:-

LinkLine 1 – Stoke Mandeville Hospital – Bedgrove via Walton Court and Town Centre

Direct replacement for Line 1 in its entirety. Buses every 20 minutes during the day (reduced from every 15 minutes at present ). However, combined with new LinkLine 2, the section between Stoke Mandeville Hospital and Southcourt (Church Square) sees an increase in frequency to every 10 minutes to the Town Centre. Evening and Sunday services operate between Bus Station and Mandeville School only, every 30 minutes. Buses to and from Stoke Mandeville Hospital on Sundays are now provided by Premier Line 323. 

LinkLine 2 – Stoke Mandeville Hospital – Buckingham Park via Southcourt, Town Centre and Elmhurst

Operating every 20 minutes during the day, LinkLine 2 replaces existing Line 8 between Buckingham Park and Town Centre, Line 4 between Elmhurst and Town Centre and Line 9 between Southcourt and Town Centre. Additional buses operate in peak hours between Buckingham Park and the Station. The section of Line 9 between Laveric Road and Church Square is withdrawn as a result of poor usage. Combined with LinkLine 1, the section between Stoke Mandeville Hospital and Southcourt (Church Square) sees a 10 minute frequency to the Town Centre. There is no Sunday service. 

LinkLine 3 – Bus Station – Fairford Leys

This service directly replaces Line 4 between Bus Station and Fairford Leys, with an increase in frequency to every 15 minutes (from every 20 minutes), although there is no longer a late evening service or a service on Sundays. 

LinkLine 4 – Haydon Hill – Quarrendon – Meadowcroft - Bus Station – Coppice

This service replaces Line 9 between Haydon Hill, Quarrendon and Town Centre on a similar 30 minute frequency, combining with LinkLine 5 to offer a bus every 15 minutes. The section between Town Centre and Coppice operates directly via Cambridge Street, with Elmhurst now being served by new LinkLine 2. The Coppice and Oldhams Meadow now have buses every 30 minutes, a reduction from the current 20 minute frequency. An evening and Sunday service operates as a circular service between Haydon Hill, Quarrendon and Town Centre only, every 30 minutes.

LinkLine 5 – Haydon Hill – Quarrendon – Broadfields - Bus Station

This service replaces Line 8 between Haydon Hill, Quarrendon and Town Centre on a similar 30 minute frequency, combining with LinkLine 4 to offer a bus every 15 minutes.


Other additional service changes

Service 321 – Aylesbury – Reading via Chinnor and Watlington

This service is service is withdrawn after operation on 18th February

Service 355

From 20th February, evening services are withdrawn except for two return journeys on Fridays and Saturday nights. 

Please see the Aylesbury Services page for the new timetables, now online


Fleet News

The five Dart Enviro 200's acquired in November have all now entered service in fleet livery, prior to the Aylesbury service changes mentioned above. They will receive LinkLine vinyls prior to February 20th, as will the remaining Dart 200's.

To supplement the Enviro 200's at Aylesbury, a single Wright Cadet bodied DAF SB120 - YJ03 PKZ also entered service in late January, carrying fleet number 232.

A further second hand acquisition, and a bit of surprise one, is ex National Express West Midlands DAF Optare Spectra S404 NVP. It has been fully refurbished, allocated fleet number 525 and is based at Chesham for service 345. 

Pictures of the Cadet and Spectra are on the Photos page.

As per Fleet News in November, all the Dart MPDs have been withdrawn. 240-6 (CE02 UUG, SN03 LFV, NX53 TNZ/Y, VE52 HEC, MX04 AXN and V652 HEC) have been sold to Capital and Provincial for further service.

An updated fleet list is available on the Fleet List page


November 2011

Fleet News

Leyland Olympians 519/20 have now received full fleet livery - updated pictures are on the Photos page of the website.

Acquisitions are FIVE Dart Enviro 200's from SouthWest Bus. They are all 10.7m versions are registered KX09 BYA/B/D and KX09 EYA/B and were acquired in their existing operator's livery. All will be repainted prior to entering service and will take fleet numbers 226-30. First to be repainted will be 230, which should enter service in early December.The current 230, Wright Crusader Volvo B6BLE (S683 VOA) is renumbered 231.

The secondhand Enviro 200's are to replace the majority of the Dart MPDs at Aylesbury on town services, when services are revised in February. The MPDs will be advertised for sale in due course.

Also new in to the fleet in late October was a fairly rare Wright Pathfinder with a Dennis Lance SLF chassis, which has taken fleet number 233 (M140 FAE). It has been repainted in to fleet livery and is allocated to Chesham. It is, however, not expected to stay in the fleet long. A picture of the bus appears on the Photos page.


October 2011

Website update

Some great photos have been added to the 'Real' Red photo gallery, courtesy of which has kindly given me permission to post them on this site.


Service Update

We are pleased to advise customers of service improvements commencing on 9th October to our 702 express service. From this date, the route is being extended from Chesham via Bovingdon and Hemel Hempstead to Luton Airport, providing links from all these towns and also Amersham to both Luton and Heathrow every 2 hours. Countrywide 701 and 702 will now provide a combined hourly frequency between Heathrow, High Wycombe and Luton Airport.

A full revised timetable can be viewed by clicking on the Express Coach Services page.


Fleet News

A fair bit of news this month. Two additional vehicles are required for the improvements to Countrywide 702 and these have materialised as a further DAF SB4000/Vanhool T9 YJ06 GLZ(from a dealer) taking fleet number 707, which joins 704-6 now allocated to Chesham. The second coach is a stunning looking Scania Irizar YT59 NZS, the first for the fleet, which takes fleet number 710 and came directly from previous operator. Acting as dealer, a used purchase is an ECW Olympian CUB 70Y, whilst recently acquired Alexander Royale-bodied Olympian E174 EUX (521) has been withdrawn. Both are sold and are being repainted yellow for their new owner who intends to use them as school buses. A surprise purchase, as it is not a low floor bus, is a rare DAF SB220 with Ikarus body. Allocated to Aylesbury for more school work, J808 KHD has already been repainted and has entered service as fleet number 116. The new ADL200 Dart, due in early September, is now due by the middle of this month.







Pictures of all the new vehicles can be viewed on the photos pageSeptember 2011

Service Update

Red Rover is pleased to announce the commencement of a new service between Thame and High Wycombe, via Chinnor, Stokenchurch and West Wycombe. Operating hourly during the day on Mondays to Saturdays, the new route (service 340) offers useful links to the new shopping centre in High Wycombe and also to the market town of Thame. In conjunction with the above, minor changes have been made to Premier Line 323 and also service 260, including withdrawal of the final departure from Aylesbury to Thame.

These revisions commence on 5th September and timetables are available to view or download by visiting the High Wycombe Services page .

Following objections from some residents in Flaunden and Latimer regarding recent changes to service 393, a meeting was held in Latimer to discuss these and agree a way forward which matched the needs of residents with the viable operation of the service. Unfortunately, no agreement was reached and Red Rover has reluctantly decided to withdraw the service after operation on 3rd September. Hopefully, this is a temporary situation, but any recommencement will depend on local residents and their commitment to supporting a bus service, no matter how infrequent it may be.


Fleet News

Quite a bit to report on since the last update. The new Scania OmniCity Euro 5 EEV arrived in the final week of August and, following some testing, entered service on 1st September on Premier Line 323. It is registered OM61 RRB and has taken fleet number 685. The second new vehicle, the Enviro 200, is due later this month.


For new service 340 to High Wycombe, secondhand purchases have brought some interesting buses to the fleet. From National Express West Midlands comes P509 KOX, a Volvo B10L with Alexander Ultra body. It has taken fleet number 210. From Sanders Coaches, Holt, has come W265 CDN, a DAF SB220 with East Lancs Myllennium body, which takes fleet number 236. Also new in to the fleet for additional High Wycombe school contracts come some long-wheelbase Olympians. From a dealer has come K174/9 EUX, Volvo Olympians with Alexander Royale bodies (taking fleet number 521/2) and H626/7 HNA have come from Capital and Provincial. They are Leyland Olympians with Alexander RH bodies, which take numbers 519/20. These have entered service in their existing operators liveries as they were only acquired at short notice. However, they will all be repainted in due course.

Suprisingly withdrawn and sold after only a couple of months are 273/4 (MX05 CCA/E) – both are Volvo B7RE with Wright Urban Eclipse bodies. 273 has been sold to Capital and Provincial. 274 was repainted dealer white and has gone to operator Arden Forest in Warwickshire. Sold from the reserve fleet is 280 (OC57 BUS), also going to Capital and Provincial. Reinstated from reserve to service is 287, which is now allocated to Chesham, the first Scania Omnicity to operate here.

Double deck buses, dedicated to school duties, have all been renumbered in the series 515-530. Please see the revised list on the Fleet List page



July 2011

Some great photos have been added to the 'Real' Red photo gallery, courtesy of John Law who has kindly given me permission to post them on this site.

Service Update

From 24th July, Red Rover and Hertsway will commence joint operation of our services between Aylesbury and Hemel Hempstead. The service continues as Line 301 operating up to every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday, with an hourly Sunday service. Tickets will be valid on each operators services, including weekly and monthly seasons.

A timetable for the new joint operation is available on the Aylesbury Services page.

Fleet News

Red Rover is pleased to announce two new buses are on order for delivery in September – these are a second 10.7m ADL Enviro 200 Dart and the first 10.7m Scania OmniCity Euro 5 EEV double deck bus. Both buses will have single entrance doors, as normal, for Red Rover.

As Red Rover will be saving three buses from the above revisions to Line 301, three Scania Omnicities will initially be placed in to store, but may be sold. Details will follow next week.



June 2011

Tech News

Get Red Rover on your phone! The new Red Rover mobile web app makes viewing our website, pages and PDFs much easier on your iphone, android and Blackberry. Just log on to our website in the normal way and keep up to date with Red Rover on the move!


Service Update

From 6th June, Red Rover has introduced a new service linking Chesham and Amersham with High Wycombe and Heathrow Airport. On the same date, there are some changes to other Red Rover Countrywide services:-


401 (High Wycombe - Birmingham). This daily service is reduced to one return journey and is re-timed

402 (Aylesbury - London). This commuter service is withdrawn after service onßrd June

701 (Luton Airport - Heathrow Airport via Aylesbury and High Wycombe). Service is retimed and continues to operate every two hours

702 (Chesham - Heathrow Airport via Amersham and High Wycombe. NEW SERVICE operating every two hours. Together with Countrywide 701, an hourly service is now provided between High Wycombe and Heathrow Airport

Timetables for the new and revised services are available to view or download by clicking here. For full details of all Countrywide services, please visit their website via our Links page


Fleet News


An updated fleet list is now available to view or download - just click here.


May 2011

Fleet News

To operate new service 368 below, a really suprising purchase is that of a Scania OmniTown single deck bus, which has come from a dealer. Previously with Nottingham Transport, YN04 AMX has been re-upholstered and repainted in to fleet livery and receives fleet number 239. These buses are quite rare, very few being supplied new to operators in the UK with East Lancs bodywork. It was chosen in preference to others available as it utilises common parts with Omnidekkas currently in use with Red Rover. The further two Eclipse Volvo B7 buses (273/4 - MX05 CCA/CCE) have also been repainted and have entered service at Chesham and join 270-2 which are also now allocated there for services 316 and 336 and occasional appearances on the 353. East lancs Myllenium bodied Volvo B7TL 655-7 (PN52 XBM/T/W) have been withdrawn and sold. They have been replaced at Chesham by Wright Geminis 660-2 (BJ03 EWH/G RR05 BUS) being transferred from Aylesbury.

Pictures of the OmniTown are on the Photographs page. In addition, a revised Fleet List from 1st May can be viewed by clicking here.

Following the decision not to take up the school contracts in Chesham, Leyland Olympians 610/11 (F11 SDL and J143 YRM) have been withdrawn and sold to Provincial. Leyland Titan 518 (RMO 72Y) which has been out of use since purchase from the erstwhile On a Mission Coaches business in September has had it's engine removed along with various panels and seats etc, with the remainder being sold for scrap.

Please see our current list of models for sale on our Bus and Coach Sales page.


April 2011

Service Update

Red Rover is please to announce a further new service linking Buckingham with Bicester, which commences on 26th April 2011. Operating every 2 hours during the day, service 368 is designed to provide a new and useful link for passengers from Padbury, Steeple Claydon and Calvert wishing to visit Bicester (for the Bicester Village Outlet Centre) and Buckingham. A timetable is available now by clicking here



March 2011

A new Web store has now been added to the site, to make it easier to view and purchase any vehicles we have for sale, with instant payment via Paypal. Please take a look at our latest disposals on the Buses and Coaches for Sale page.

Fleet News

The Plaxton Centro finally arrived on 28th February and entered service on 2nd March. It carries registation OV11 RRB and fleet number 205. It has entered service on route 366 between Buckingham and Aylesbury. Also arriving back from repaint during the first week of February is a further coach - Plaxton Paragon Volvo B12B YN06 RWK. It carries fleet number 707, is in Countrywide livery and was purchased from AR Travel during February. Due later this month are the two new Mercedes Citaros which will be registered OY11 AYL/CIT and have been allocated fleet numbers 253/4. Both of these will be allocated to Chesham as part of a vehicle upgrade of the increasingly popular 316 service between Chesham and Hemel Hempstead. Two further Wright Eclipse Volvo B7 buses have been purchased from Bon Accord and are currently being repainted and prepared for service, where they will join the Citaros at Chesham. Check out all the new buses on our photographs page.

As a result of the new buses at Chesham, our fleet of Scania Wright Access buses has been withdrawn. 207-210 (N252 BKK, N535 WVR, P579 RSG, R551 CNG) have already been sold to Felinebus for operation of some services in Burton-upon-Trent. 211 (R552 CNG) has been sold to Aldenham Buses.


February 2011

Service Update

Following the recent Government spending cuts, it has been necessary for us to review a number of our subsidised services in conjunction with local authorities. As a result, a number of services are being revised to more closely match passenger usage and funding available. We believe that the following changes to a number of services from Chesham and Amersham provide our customers with a sustainable network for the future, whilst offering local tax payers the best value for money in local bus service provision. All commence on 21st February 2011

Chilternlink 336

The route will operate direct from Chorleywood Gate to Rickmansworth, with the diversion to Chorleywood Cedars Village being withdrawn due to poor usage. All journeys will operate via Chenies Village. General timings remain unchanged.

Shuttle 348

This service is renumbered Shuttle 393. The weekday timetable is revised to operate on Tuesdays and Thursdays only, with two return journeys from Chesham to Bovingdon. A new Saturday service is introduced, with two return journeys operating via the Wendy Fair Market at Bovingdon Airfield to Bovingdon.

Shuttle 349

The timetable is completely revised to operate as a circular service from Chesham to Bellingdon, St Leonards, Hawridge, Cholesbury then returning to Chesham. The route between St Leonards, Tring and Aylesbury is withdrawn, as this sees very little use. There is one morning journey and Tuesdays,Thursdays and Saturdays, with a lunch time journey on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The school journey to and from Chesham Grammar school continues. Shuttle 349 is the clockwise version of Shuttle 394 - please see below for additional journeys.

Shuttle 359

The timetable is completely revised to operate on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and Saturdays only.

Shuttle 373

The first journey to and from Ley Hill is withdrawn (the first departure from Ley Hill is 0908). The 1740 from Ley Hill is also withdrawn. Other timings remain unchanged.

Shuttle 393

This new service is a renumbering of Shuttle 348 - please see above for details

Shuttle 394

The timetable is completely revised to operate as a circular service from Chesham to Cholesbury, Hawridge, St Leonards and Bellingdon then returning to Chesham. The route between St Leonards, Tring and Aylesbury is withdrawn, as this sees very little use. There is one morning journey and Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, with a lunch time journey on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Saturdays. The school journey to and from Chesham Grammar school continues. Shuttle 394 is the clockwise version of Shuttle 349 - please see above for additional journeys.

There are no changes to Chilternlink 316, 336, 345, 353 and Shuttle 337 and 398.

Timetables are now available by clicking here

Fleet News

The final Bristol RE was withdrawn on 12th February, this being 105 (XVU 372M). It performed it's final journey working the 1745 service from Halton Camp to Aylesbury on route 355. On Sunday 13th, it travelled north to it's new owner, AR Travel, who will be using it for private hires, wedding etc. Red Rover still owns an RE, this being in the Heritage fleet - SHW 128G. Also travelling north to AR Travel is the first Optare Solo withdrawn, 278 (W317 DWX). It was sold prior to the service reductions in Chesham, it's place being taken in the meantime by Bristol LH 110. However, 110 is also likely to be withdrawn by the end of February and offered for sale. Coming in the opposite direction from AR Travel are two ECW bodied Olympians - F11 SDL and J143 YRM. Both are for additional school services at Chesham, due to start in April. No fleet numbers have been allocated yet.



January 2011

Service Update

A new year and further service improvements from Red Rover Buses. From Monday 24th January, we will be making some important changes to our Premier Express X15 service from Milton Keynes to Aylesbury. Premier Express X15 will continue to operate hourly, but will be routed via the new Brickhill by pass directly to Milton Keynes (Rail Station and Centre MK), cutting journey times for our Aylesbury passengers by around 15 minutes. It will no longer serve Linslade, Leighton Buzzard, Heath and Reach or Bletchley. A new service, Premier Express X65, is being introduced to replace the re-routed X15 through Leighton Buzzard and Heath and Reach. Operating hourly, it too will operate directly to Milton Keynes and will not serve Bletchley. Premier Express X15 and X65 will provide a combined 30 minute headway between Aylesbury and Milton Keynes during the day on Mondays to Saturdays. On Sundays, the service is increased to hourly, with all buses operating via Leighton Buzzard as Premier Express X65. A new timetable is now available on the Aylesbury Services page or by clicking here.

Fleet News

Two pictures of the Alexander Scania N are now on the photographs page.The first is when it entered service for two days before the end of the Autumn school term. The second is after it re-entered service after repaint. The bus has also had new windows and refurbished seats.


December 2010

Fleet News

A number of second hand purchases to report in the run up to Christmas. Arriving from dealers are 230 (S683 VOA), a Volvo B6BLE with Wright Crusader body (ex Travel Westmidlands); 668, a nineth Volvo B7 with Wright Gemini bodywork and a further Scania Omnidekka, 681 (MX04 MYY). 230 replaces one of the RE's mentioned below. 681 joins 680, both of which are now based at Chesham for service 345. 668 joins other Geminis at Aylesbury. Also arriving in the week before Christmas is a fairly rare Scania N113 with Alexander PS body for a new school contract in Aylesbury which starts in January. G852 SRB, was new to Nottingham City Transport. Surprisingly, it has entered service in the yellow livery it was purchased in. Pictures of the B6BLE appear on the Photos page.

Buses withdrawn and sold in the first week of December were Bristol RE 104 and 106 (LHT 173L and HNB 50N) - LHT direct to South Bus for operation in their heritage fleet and HNB at auction. As a result, 105 (XVU 372M) is now the sole remaining Bristol RE available for daily service (although due to be withdrawn when it's MOT expires in March 2011) in addition to 901 (SHW 128G) which is kept as a heritage vehicle. Also sold at auction is the final operational Daimler Fleetline, 502 (OJD 900R); the only Leyland Atlantean owned, 510 (JPE 237V) and a further MCW Metrobus, 624 (GOG 387W). Metrobus 625 (GYE 534X), which has been unlicenced since purchase in August, has had it's engine removed (to be fitted to 622) and the remainder of the bus towed away for scrap. This leaves a single Metrobus, 622 (F787 EKM) which is based in Aylesbury for school services, although this is expected to leave the fleet in February when it's MOT expires.

New vehicle orders have been announced for the first half of 2011. A further 2 Mercedes Benz Citaros are due in March, following successful operation of the examples purchased this year. Also on order is a Plaxton Centro-bodied MAN, this being due during February for operation on service 366. As per 2010, additional quality second hand purchases will supplement the above to further reduce the overall fleet age and continue the drive towards full low floor operation on all our services by the end of 2011.


November 2010

Fleet News

A further second hand purchase is that of a single MCV MAN Evolution. Bought at auction, it arrived in the previous operator's yellow livery. It has been extensively refurbished with new upholstery and has been fully repainted in Red Rover livery. Registration is AE05 EVC, although no fleet number has yet been allocated. It is due to enter service during December on the Wendover Road group of services (355/7) and will replace a further Bristol RE/ECW, which will be offered for sale. Some pictures of the vehicle can be seen on the Photographs page.


November 2010

Fleet News

A further second hand purchase is that of a single MCV MAN Evolution. Bought at auction, it arrived in the previous operator's yellow livery. It has been extensively refurbished with new upholstery and has been fully repainted in Red Rover livery. Registration is AE05 EVC, although no fleet number has yet been allocated. It is due to enter service during December on the Wendover Road group of services (355/7) and will replace a further Bristol RE/ECW, which will be offered for sale. Some pictures of the vehicle can be seen on the Photographs page.


October 2010

Service Update

Following the recent introduction of our service between Chesham and High Wycombe, Red Rover is pleased to announce a further new route between Aylesbury and Luton - service 361. Commencing on 18th October and operating hourly on Mondays - Saturdays, service 361 will operate from Luton Airport via Luton Station, Luton Town Centre, Dunstable, Edlesborough, Ivinghoe, Tring and Aston Clinton to Aylesbury Bus Station. During the day, journeys will continue from Aylesbury Bus Station to Hartwell Park and Fowler Road offering residents their first, regular service to the town centre. A timetable is available to view on line here.

Fleet News

The new Mercedes Benz Citaros have now arrived and are numbered 250-2, taking registrations OY60 RRB, OY60 AYJ/L. 252 is currently being used for driver familiarisation and all three will enter service on 18th October on route 361, mentioned above. The fourth bus for this new route will be Scania Omnicity 287, YN05 HFG, now repainted in fleet livery from the previous all over red. A surprise purchase is that of an Optare Excel. Having previously operated with Excel Logistics before that company ceased trading, N204 LCK has been owned by Classic, Ludlows, Blackpool Transport and originated with Fylde. It is a 1007 version, with 35 seats, is numbered 235 and is allocated to Aylesbury. Pictures of these new buses can be seen Photographs page. Titans CUL 162V and NHM 465X, purchased at auction from the now defunct On a Mission Coaches, were found to be in too poor a condition for further service and have been stripped of serviceable parts and the remains removed for scrap. No decision has yet been made on RMO 72Y or Metrobus GYE 534W.


September 2010

Service Update

Red Rover is pleased to announce that, following positive feedback and suggestions from a number of customers, we are revising our ChilternLink service 345 between Chesham and High Wycombe from 27th September 2010. We will be offering an enhanced weekday service, with a full Saturday service as well. There will be earlier buses to and from High Wycombe, offering a departure every 30 minutes during the day, with the last bus from High Wycombe at 1852 on weekdays. Most departures from both Chesham and High Wycombe are retimed to operate up to 10 minutes later throughout. We will be offering weekly and monthy tickets, along with a 'Red Ten' offering 12 single ticket journeys for the price of 10. A new timetable is available by clicking on the Chesham and Amersham services page.

Fleet News

The three new Mercedes Benz Citaros are due for delivery by the end of September. They will take fleet numbers 250-2. Following the recent ceasation of commercial and school service operations by On a Mission Coaches, Red Rover have purchased a number of their vehicles for replacement school contracts. These include all four Leyland Titans, WYV 64T, CUL 162V, NHM 465X and RMO 72Y and Metrobus GYE 534W. So far, only WYV 64T has been repainted in to Red Rover fleet livery and has taken fleet number 515. A picture is shown on the Photographs page. NHM 465X and GYE 534W were purchased as non runners (the Titan has a defective engine and the Metrobus some of the usual rear end corrosion associated with this type) and are in the process of being stripped for spares. Recently acquired Scania Omnicity 287 (YN05 HFG) is now in the paintshop receiving fleet colours.


July 2010

Service Update

Following a customer review, Red Rover Buses will be revising service 260 from 26th July 2010. The service will be curtailed to operate as far as Worminghall only with a return loop via Ickford. Passengers for Ickford will need to travel via Worminghall. The remaining section of the route to Oxford is withdrawn. However, passengers can instead travel to Thame, where there are frequent connections to Oxford on Red Rover Premier Line 280. Through tickets will be available offering the same fares to Oxford as at present from Shabbington, Worminghall and Ickford. Service 260 will operate every 2 hours during the day more closely matching passenger demand. A revised timetable is shown on the Aylesbury Services page

Fleet News

A surprise second hand purchase is a single Transbus Enviro 300. Registered SN04 EVF, it arrived in late June in it's previous owners livery and has now been repainted in to standard Red Rover colours. Taking fleet number 295, it has been allocated to Chesham to add capacity to the 316 service to Hemel Hempstead. Pictures are on the Photographs page.

An updated Red Rover Fleet List for July is available on the Fleet List page


June 2010

Service Update

Due to requests from customers, Red Rover will adding a further service to the express coach network from 5th July 2010. Service 402 is a commuter service linking Aylesbury with London via Aston Clinton, Tring and Berkhamsted, with a single return journey operating on Mondays to Fridays only. Competitive daily, weekly, monthly and annual season tickets will be offered. A timetable is available on the Express Coach Services page

Also on 5th July, we will be making some changes to Aylesbury town services as follows:-

Line 1

On journeys to Aylesbury Town Centre from Bedgrove, buses will operate via Aylesbury Rail Station

Line 4

On journeys from Aylesbury towards The Coppice, buses will also serve Aylesbury High Street, Stop G2

Line 8

The service will be extended from the Bus Station via Buckingham Road to terminate at the new housing development at Buckingham Park. On journeys to Quarrenden, it will now also serve Aylesbury High Street (Stop H2) and to Buckingham Park (Stop G2). All journeys from Quarrenden during the day will serve Aylesbury Station.

Line 9

On journeys to Quarrenden, the service will also operate via Aylesbury High Street (Stop H2) . On journeys from Southcourt, it will serve Aylesbury Station.

Revised timetables are available now by clicking on the Aylesbury Services page

Fleet News

Due to the loss of a couple of school contracts in Aylesbury recently, Metrobuses 620/1/4 (GBU 8/9V, GOG 387W) have been withdrawn - the first withdrawls of Metrobuses. They were immediately sold to London Surrey buses. Also withdrawn, finally, are all 3 Leyland National 2's - 200-2 (PEX 614-6X) and the first of the refurbished Bristol RE's, 103 (NHN 766K). The Bristol RE has been sold to Southbus for active preservation in that fleet. Volvo Citybus 520 (G285 OGE) has also been withdrawn and sold.

The final Enviro 200 was delivered on 1st June. It is registered OE10 RRB and takes fleet number 224. A further used purchase is a further Scania Omnicity YN05 HFG. It has entered service at Aylesbury in all over red and is allocated fleet number 287. It will be repainted as soon as time allows. Pictures are now available on the photos page.


May 2010

Service Update

A timetable for the new 345 service between Chesham and High Wycombe, starting on 24th May, is now available by going to the Chesham and Amersham Services page.

Fleet News

Second hand purchases are Volvo B7RLE Wright Urban Eclipses, YN51 KGU and FN04 HSG with B44F bodies. Both are allocated to Chesham (it's first Wright Urbans) and take fleet numbers 271/2. As a consquence of the above, Optare Solos 270-4 have now been renumbered 275-9. With the start of the above new service (requiring up to four additional buses at Chesham), it is likely that Volvo B7/East Lancs Myllenium 655-7 (PN52 XBM/T/W/) will be reallocated to Chesham prior to the new services commencing. Their replacements at Aylesbury, in part, will be the the forthcoming Enviro 200 although this is not due until early June and possibly some further additional second hand purchases.

An updated Fleet List is now available on the Fleet List page


April 2010

Service Update

From 24th May 2010, Red Rover Buses is pleased to announce a new service linking Chesham and High Wycombe. Operating every 30 minutes during the day on Mondays to Fridays, route 345 will link Pond Park Estate in Chesham with Chesham Broadway, South Heath, Great Missenden, Prestwood, Great Kingshill, Winchmore Hill and Terriers with High Wycombe. In addition, two schools services will operate to and from Great Missenden from Chesham and Great Kingshill/Prestwood respectively. Timetables will be online during early May.

Two additional maps have been added for Aylesbury town and Aylesbury country services. Just click on the Route Maps page to view or download.

Fleet News

Two of the Enviro 200’s have now been delivered, are to B29F configuration and have registrations OV10 DCS/T (222/3). They are allocated to Aylesbury. The third is a longer variant to B37F configuration and is due in early June.

A somewhat surprising addition to the fleet is a former London Buses Bristol LH6L with ECW B39F body, OJD 48R! It was purchased from a preservationist and has been allocated as the spare bus at Chesham (it being narrow enough for some of the country roads in the Chilterns, yet having fairly decent seating capacity). It has been repainted in to full fleet livery and carries fleet number 110. A picture will be on the website shortly.

All four 10.2m Dennis Dart/Plaxton Pointer SLF's have been withdrawn and sold to Capital and Provincial. These are N204/7/9/10 NNJ (234-7). As a result, all three Leyland National 2's (200-2) and the remaining Scania Wright Access (207) have been reallocated to Chesham from Aylesbury in their place.


March 2010

Fleet News

Not previously mentioned, but acquired during September 2009, is a further Wright Eclipse bodied Volvo B7RLE. Numbered 270, it carries registration MX06 VNV. Unlike the othe Eclipses operated, this has standard bus seats.

An updated Red Rover Buses Fleet List is available by clicking here

February 2010

Fleet News

Daimler Fleetline KON 371P (503) has been withdrawn and sold for preservation.

New vehicle orders have been announced and comprise three further Dennis Enviro 200's (these being due for delivery during April and June) and also three Mercedes Benz Citaros (Due in October).

Two recent arrivals are G285 OGE, an H78F Alexander RV bodied Volvo Citybus, from LR Travel. It has been repainted in to fleet livery from white and is for school services from Aylesbury and carries fleet number 520. Also now in service is Red Rover Buses' first Scania Omnidekka, YN53 PAO, which came from a dealer, has H69F seating and is allocated fleet number 680. As it is used as a spare bus for services X15 and 323, it doesn't carry any specific route branding.December 2009

Service Update

Red Rover is please to announce that from 4th January 2010, we will be joining the   express coach network. Both our express coach services X1 and X4 will be incorporated in to the existing Countrywide route numbering system, with X1 becoming Countrywide FlightLink 701 and X4 becoming Countrywide 404. In addition, new Flightlink 701 will have an enhanced timetable with coaches operating every two hours every day, with earlier and later departures from both Heathrow and Luton airports. There will be no changes to new service 404. Countrywide operates coach services across the UK and our passengers will have access to a wide range of joining services and through ticketing to a huge range of destinations. Red Rover has purchased 6 refurbished DAF coaches to operate the new services, with leather seating and onboard video/TV. Timetables will appear on our website in the next couple of days.

Fleet News

The six coaches above are all DAF SB4000XF/Van hool C48F T9's and are registered YJ05 PWF-H/K-M (taking fleet numbers 701-6). All wear Countrywide livery and have been repainted and refurbished in our own workshops. Further used vehicles are Optare Solos W317 DWX and KX51 CSZ (273/4) in Shuttle livery at Chesham and Dart SLF Mini Pointers MX04 AXN and VE52 HEC (243/4) at Aylesbury in standard livery. Withdrawn and sold are Volvo B10 BLE/Wright Renown N106 GVS (206), Volvo Ailsa/Alexander JOV 743P (520), Neoplan Skyliners Y23-5 OHC (710-12) and the only Olympian in the fleet, Alexander-bodied Royale N125 YRW (704).

Also new to Red Rover this month is a DAF 105/Boniface M8 Recovery lorry. This is allocated to Aylesbury.


November 2009


Service Update

Plenty of news this month with improved and revised services.

Services 301 and 302 between Aylesbury and Hemel Hempstead are being improved from Monday 23rd November and will become Premier Line 301. This is the third ‘Premier’ service operated, alongside Premier Line 323 which operates between Aylesbury and High Wycombe and Premier Express X15 to Milton Keynes. All journeys will operate via Northchurch through to Berkhamsted High Street, with the diversion to Berkhamsted Station known as service 302 being withdrawn. Alternative journeys from Berkhamsted to the station are offered by service 353. Premier Line 301 has the full ‘Premier’ treatment, with dedicated drivers, the interior of the vehicles are swept at the end of each return trip and each bus has a full interior and exterior clean each day. ‘Premier 10’ tickets are available offering 10 single journeys for the equivalent price of 8, along with weekly and monthly season tickets. To operate the service, four new Scania Omnicity buses will be used. They are fitted with leather faced seating, two-way radios, security cameras and passenger information systems. They will also feature the new Red Rover logo, the first buses to carry it. A new timetable is available by clicking here 


Also, starting on 23rd November, our Chesham and Amersham town services are being rebranded as Red Rover ‘Shuttle’ and country services Red Rover 'Chilternlink'. Both straplines are being launched to differentiate these services from competitors, with more local and meaningful sounding names. The Optare Solos used on the Shuttle services will be receiving a brand new livery as part of the rebranding - pictures will be available shortly. On the same date, most Chesham and Amersham services are being revised in order to more closely match passenger usage and expectations. Details as follows:-

Service 336

The 1710 journey from Chesham to Rickmansworth on Mondays to Fridays and the 1800 return journey to Chesham are both withdrawn.

Service 348

On Saturdays, the following journeys are withdrawn: The 1424 and 1524 from Chesham to Chartridge; The 1406 and 1506 from Chesham to Poles Hill; The 1445 from Chesham to Great Hivings; The 1433 and 1533 from Chartridge to Chesham; The 1414 and 1514 from Poles Hill to Chesham; The1455 from Great Hivings to Chesham.

Services 349/394           

On Saturdays, the 1437 journey from Chesham Moor will operate only as far as Chesham Nashleigh Arms (it will not continue to Bellingdon and Tring). As a consequence, the return journey from Tring at 1525 will also no longer operate on Saturdays.

Service 353                 

Timings on this service are being completely revised. Buses will generally depart Slough 9 minutes earlier than at present, with journeys operating 9 minutes earlier throughout. The 1754 journey from Slough on Saturday is withdrawn. Buses will also no longer operate to/from Springfield Road in Berkhamsted, with all buses terminating/starting from Berkhamsted Station. Departures from Berkhamsted Station will generally be 5 minutes earlier than at present, with the service then operating 5 minutes earlier throughout. The final bus from Berkhamsted on Saturdays will be at 1620 (roughly an hour earlier than at present), with this journey terminating at Chesham Broadway.

Service 373/375           

Service 375 will no longer operate via Annes Corner in Chesham Bois, operating direct via Chesham Road instead. An alternative service is offered by service 353. On Saturdays, the 1558 journey from Leyhill will operate only as far as Chesham Broadway; the 1708 departure from Leyhill and the 1632 departure from Amersham are both withdrawn on Saturdays.

Please click here for details of the revised services.

Fleet News

As mentioned above, the four Scania Omnicity buses previously on order will be used on the new Premier Line 301. Carrying specific Line 301 branding, they have registrations OJ59 SCA-D (283-6) and are the CN270UB version with the more powerful 270hp Euro IV engine. They are fitted with leather faced seating, two-way radios, security cameras and passenger information systems. As a consequence of the changes, Leyland National 2’s PEX 614-6W (200-2) will be placed in to storage, along with the only Wright Renown in the fleet, N106 GVS (206).

Additionally, a new and completely updated fleet list is also now online in a revised format - click here to view or download a copy


June 2009

Service Update

Red Rover is please to announce the introduction of new Premier Express X15 between Aylesbury and Milton Keynes. It operates hourly Monday to Saturday, with four return journeys on Sundays/Public Holidays. New double deck buses which have leather faced seating, two-way radios, security cameras and passenger information systems are used. As part of the Premier customer experience, the service is operated by a dedicated team of drivers, the interior of the vehicles are swept at the end of each return trip and each bus has a full interior and exterior clean each day. ‘Premier 10’ tickets are available offering 10 single journeys for the equivalent price of 8, along with weekly and monthly season tickets. Premier Express X15 follows the successful introduction of Premier Line 323 between Aylesbury and High Wycombe in September 2008, where over 15% more passengers are now carried on this service. Premier Express X15 commenced operation on 22nd June and a timetable is now available on our Aylesbury Services page on the website.

As a result of re-tendering, Red Rover no longer operates the Aylesbury Vale Parkway Park and Ride service after Saturday 4th July.


May 2009

Fleet News

Pictures of the recently acquired Alexander Dennis Dominator (601) and ELC Spryte Dart (238) can now be seen on the photos page. As a result of 601 entering service, East Lancs Dominator 600 (FBF 127T) is now for sale.


April 2009

Fleet News

The two new Cummins powered Dennis Enviro 200 Darts arrived at the end of February. They have taken registrations OV58 ABA/B and have been allocated fleet numbers 220/1. They are being employed on Aylesbury town services and you can see a picture of one of them by clicking on the photos page.

The photographs page has now been fully updated with lots of new pictures of our vehicles - please take a look.

The order for three Dennis Enviro 400's, due for delivery at the end of March, has been moved back to June 2009 and will coincide with service changes due at that time. A second-hand addition is that of an Alexander bodied Dominator, NKU 149X, originally with SYPTE. It is now being repainted and will take fleet number 601 when it enters service. As a result, older Dominator 600 (FBF 127T) will be withdrawn and sold. Also sold is PC04 RRC the remaining Red Rover coach. A further acquisition is that of an ELC Spryte bodied Dart SLF from Stagecoach. V512 EFR is currently in the paint shop and will enter service with fleet number 238.

The Fleet list has been fully updated and can be seen by clicking on the Fleetlist page.


February 2009

Service Update

Red Rover is pleased to announce that it is to commence operation of route 353 between Berkhamsted and Slough from 2nd March 2009. It will continue to operate every hour on Mondays to Saturdays, with some additional school journeys to Dr Challoners and also The Amersham School, both in Amersham. As a consequence, service 354 will be withdrawn after operation on 28th February. In addition, there will be some minor timetable changes to service 336, including the withdrawl of the last return journey to Little Chalfont. Timetables for the services are now available on the Chesham and Amersham services page, along with a summary of all services between Chesham and Amersham. The only crew-operated route, Line 8 is being converted to one-person operation on 2nd March 2009. This will mean that all Aylesbury town services will be operated by modern, low floor easy access buses.

Fleet News

After the closure of the Red Rover private hire business, both coaches have been placed in store pending their sale. With the new route above it is expected that, yet again, Leyland National 2's 200-2 (PEX 614-6W) will have yet another stay of execution. The new Enviro 200's had not been delivered by 01/02/09, but are now expected to go to Aylesbury for town services. As a consequence of the conversion of Line 8, Routemaster 406 (SMK 758F) will be withdrawn and offered for sale after service on 28th February.

Further pictures of the 'real' Red Rover buses have been added to the Photographs page, with the permission of D. Harrison. If any one else has pictures of Red Rover buses or coaches and would like them included on the site, please email us using the Contact us page........not forgetting to include your own email address, otherwise you won't get a reply! Additional links to LR Travel and North Midland Buses have been added to the Links page.


December 2008

Service Update

Following a review of Red Rover's operations, and in view of the current economic climate, it has been decided to close the Private Hire operation at the end of December 2008. It has been a difficult decision, but Red Rover has decided to focus on it's core business of registered bus and coach services. Any bookings already taken and scheduled to operate before the end of the year will, of course, be honoured. Deposits will be returned to those who have booked coach or bus hire in 2009. The two coaches currently being used will be offered for sale early in 2009.

Christmas and New Year Services

A normal service will operate until approximately 2030 on Christmas Eve when most services will finish. There are no services on Christmas Day or Boxing Day (except for Express Service X1 which will operate). A normal Saturday service will operate on 27th December and thereafter until end of services on New Year's Eve. A Sunday service will operate on New Year's day on most services, except Lines 1, 4 and 8 which will see a half-hourly service until 1800, with an hourly service thereafter. Normal service resumes on 2nd January.

Red Rover would like to wish all it's customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Fleet News

As a result of the closure of the Private Hire business, coach PR04 RRC (Neoplan Skyliner) will be offered for sale in January 2009. Red Rover has now announced new vehicle orders for 2009. Extensive investment in our fleet continues with orders for nine new vehicles, roughly 15% of the current fleet. An additional four Scania Omnicity single deck buses are on order as a result of the succesful operation of three similar buses on Line 4, due for delivery in the middle of 2009. Two Dennis Dart Cummins ISBe powered Enviro 200 single deck buses (due in early February 2009) and three Dennis Cummins ISBe4 powered Enviro 400 double deck buses (due by end of March 2009) make up the balance of new vehicle orders. The Enviro 200's and 400's will have Alexander bodies.


September 2008

Service Update 

The first Red Rover ‘Premier’ service is due to finally commence on 29th September. Services 323 and 324 will become ‘Premier Line 323’ with a frequency enhancement to every 20 minutes and all buses operating via Butlers Cross. The service will be operated by our flagship Wright Eclipse Gemini double deck buses which have leather faced seating, two-way radios, security cameras and passenger information systems. As part of the Premier customer experience, the service will be operated by a dedicated team of drivers, the interior of the vehicles will be swept at the end of each return trip and each bus will have a full interior and exterior clean each day. ‘Premier 10’ tickets will be available offering 10 single journeys for the equivalent price of 8, along with weekly and monthly season tickets. A limited service will continue to be provided between Princes Risborough and Aylesbury via Little Kimble on service 321, reflecting customer usage along this section. Revised timetables for both these services are available on the Aylesbury Services and  High Wycombe Services pages. 

A further fare revision takes place on 22nd September, with most fares increasing by around 5%.

Fleet News 

The forthcoming Wright Urban Volvo single deck buses (due in October) were due to replace the Leyland National 2’s (200-2).However, with the enhancements to service 323 (which requires an extra 2 vehicles), they may well stay in the fleet until the new year. The two additional Dennis Dart MPD’s from dealer have arrived and been repainted. They are numbered 243/4, are registered NX53 TNY and VE52 HEC respectively and are allocated to Chesham for service 387.


July 2008

Service Update

Red Rover is pleased to announce that from 21st July 2008, it will take over the operation of Tring local service 387. There will be a number of changes to the service, including enhancements to the section between Tring and Beech Park (in conjunction with some retiming of existing Red Rover services 349 and 394 between these two points). This will offer residents of Wiggington up to 7 buses each day in to Tring. An hourly service between New Mill and Tring town centre will be maintained, as will the commuter services to Tring Station. A new page has been added to our website for all Tring local services where timetables are already available.

Fleet News

In conjunction with the above tender win, a further two used Plaxton Pointer MPD Dennis Darts are being purchased and should be available prior to the new services starting. These, and service 387, will be operated from our Chesham depot and registration details etc will be available soon.

June 2008

Fleet News

Red Rover is pleased to announce a further order for new buses, to be delivered later this year. Due to their popularity with customers, a further three Volvo B7RLE with Wright Urban Eclipse single-deck bodies will enter service during September and October. They will be to a high specification (including leather seating) and are to replace non-low floored vehicles. More details will be available closer to the delivery date. A revised fleet list is now available on the fleet list page

May 2008

Service Update

The Premier branding of some of the routes has been delayed for around 8 weeks or so and will not start until late July at the earliest. There are no other service changes to report, although announcements of some tenders for routes in Hertfordshire are due shortly (Red Rover has bid on a number of them).

A fare revision will take place on 24th May 2008 on all services, as a result of increased fuel costs. Fares on local services will increase by an average of 4%. Fares on express coach services will increase by around 5%.

Fleet News

The Fleet Photographs page has now been fully revised and includes many new pictures of our fleet - please take a look. The first two of three Scania Omnicitys finally entered service on Line 4 in early May, having been delivered at the end of February (hence the 57 registration plates). Some warranty issues prevented the buses entering service earlier. A picture of one of the buses is on the new Fleet Photographs page. The third bus is due in early June.


April 2008

Service Update

All our timetables have now been revised to make them easier to read for our passengers - we hope you appreciate the changes. In addition, timetables are now included for Service X15 which operates between Aylesbury and Milton Keynes Monday to Saturday evenings.

Fleet News

The three Wright Solar Fusion buses (250-2) have been withdrawn and sold, with 252 going to Provincial and 250/1 to other operators. Entry of the two Omnicitys in to service has been delayed (for warranty reasons). A third is due during June. These will enter service on Line 4 as soon as possible as replacements for the bendy buses.

March 2008

Service Update

Red Rover are pleased to advise customers that all vehicles used on Lines 1, 4, 9 and routes 260/1, 280, 316, 323/4, 336, 348/349/394, 354, 359, 365, 366, 373/5 and 398 are now scheduled to be operated by low floor, easy access buses. Most other services are operated by some low floor buses. This demonstrates the commitment we have to making it as easy as possible for all customers to use our services and it has only been possible through gradual renewal of our fleet. To further enhance some of our busiest and most popular services, Red Rover will be launching the 'Premier' brand across routes 280 and 323/4 during June 2008. Our Premier routes will offer the highest level of service - modern, low floor high specification vehicles (most with leather-faced seating), on-board passenger information systems and dedicated drivers. Both routes offer regular departures every 30 minutes to Oxford and High Wycombe respectively and also hourly on Sundays and Bank Holidays. Additionally, the vehicles used on the services will be washed and cleaned daily, with internal rubbish collection after each return journey.

We are also revising the format of our timetables to make it easier for customers to understand them - these will be on line during early April. At the same time, a number of services will have very minor timing changes (just to help with time-keeping).

Fleet News

After consultation with Bucks County Council, Aylesbury Vale District Council and local residents, it has reluctantly been decided to replace the bendy buses on Line 4 with conventional single deck vehicles. The re-routing of the service in March has proved extremely popular, but parked cars have caused delays, particularly early in the morning and during the evening. There appears to be no long term solution to the problem, so the Wright Solar Fusion Scania L94's (250-2) have been withdrawn and replaced temporarily with other low-floor buses until the new Wright Scania Omnicity buses are available for service. As there are no other suitable services on which the arctics can be used they are being sold. The County Council are providing additional funding for another Omnicity which should be delivered during May. Additional buses withdrawn include the final step-entrance Dart, 232 (M71 CYJ) sold to an operator in Leeds; Bristol Lodekka 904 (400 FHW) and AEC Routemaster 905 (ALD 975B)  from the much-reduced Heritage Fleet. Both of these have been sold for continued preservation. A revised Fleet List showing all the recent changes is available on the Fleet List page.

February 2008

Further new links have been added to the Links page. You're on the website, but have you read the book? Published in January, Robert Cook has written an excellent book entitled Red Rover Bus Company, which gives a pictorial history of the operation and charactors behind Red Rover, from the begining to the end in 1987. There is also a link to the new and updated website for Padbus, based in Witney, Oxfordshire.

Service Update

Very little to report on after all the activity in January. The revised Aylesbury town service network is settling down well and we are already see an increase in passenger numbers, particularly on Line 1. In addition, since Red Rover took over operation of route 280 between Aylesbury and Oxford last year, passenger numbers have increased by just over 15%. This is partly due to, we believe, a more reliable service but also the new high specification vehicles now being used on this service. Based on these initial results, we are considering a similar route branding/vehicle upgrade on some of our other popular services. No further service changes are now anticipated before the end of March.

Fleet News

A further Wright Urban/Volvo B7RLE arrived this week and is registered OY57 OBG (266), thus completing the order for these seven new vehicles. A further Wright Urban/Volvo B7RLE was ordered in late January for delivery during April. Also ordered in January are two new Scania single deck vehicles, these being Omnicity buses with Euro 4 transverse engines. These are also due for delivery during late April. Aside of the Bristol RE's still in service that were refurbished two years ago, it is anticpated that many of the remaining 'step' entrance vehicles in front line service will be replaced during this year. These will include the remaining Pointer Darts (232/3) and also the Leyland National 2's (200-2). However, the assortment of step entrance double deck buses used on school services will continue for the foreseeable future.

January 2008

Two new links have been added to the Links page, both sites showing lots of photographs, timetables and literature of the old Red Rover operation prior to 1987.

Service Update

Timetables for the revised Aylesbury town service network commencing on 21st January are now available on the Aylesbury's town services page, or by clicking on the links below:-

Line 1 Bedgrove - Stoke Mandeville Hospital via Town Centre, Walton Court and Hawkeslade Farm

Line 4 Coppice - Fairford Leys via Elmhurst, Town Centre and Hartwell Park

Line 8 Town Centre - Quarrendon via Broadfields and Haydon Hill

Line 9 Southcourt - Haydon Hill via Church Square, Town Centre, Meadowcroft and Quarrendon

All these services will replace the existing RR1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9 routes which will finish operation on Saturday 19th January, and RR7 which will end on Sunday 20th. We believe our regular passengers will benefit from the new routes and frequencies and hope that new customers can also be attracted to our services.

Also revised from the same date are routes 355 and 357 from Aylesbury to Halton Camp. Infrequent route 356 will no longer operate from the same date and there will no longer be a Sunday service on this route. Revised timetables are on the Aylesbury country services page, or by clicking on the links below:-

Service 355 Aylesbury - Halton Camp via Chiltern Park, Weston Turville and Wendover

Service 357 Aylesbury - Halton Camp via Turnfurlong, Weston Turville and Wendover

Fleet News

The newly aquired Optare Solos entered service shortly before Christmas. Registrations are 270-2 (Y21/3/4 VWL). Pictures of these buses are on the Photographs page.They have displaced the Dart MPD's, which have returned to Aylesbury prior to the new town network commencing. Vehicles withdrawn include two of the Heritage Fleet - 906 (366 KOV) and 907 (YOX 65K), both Daimler Fleetlines/Park Royal. Both have been out of use for some time and have been sold for continued preservation. Also taken out of service is 231 (M70 CYJ), the second step-entrance Dart to be withdrawn. This will become a driver training vehicle in due course.  Revised vehicle allocations and an updated Fleet List are now available on the Fleet List page.



Service Update

Red Rover has been successful in securing the northern end of a revised route 353 (Berkhamsted - Slough). The present operator will operate an hourly Chesham - Slough service commercially, with timings similar to those now. From 15th January 2008, Red Rover will operate an hourly Chesham - Berkhamsted service (as 354) under contract to Bucks County Council, with a single return school journey to Amersham. The Red Rover service will connect with the 353 in both directions at Chesham Broadway, although through tickets will not be available at present. A timetable is available now by clicking on the link below, or by visiting the Chesham & Amersham Services page.

Service 354 Amersham & Chesham - Berkhamsted via Ashley Green

From the same date, Red Rover will no longer operate routes 363 and 364 between Aylesbury and Marsworth/Cheddington via Tring which were operated under contract to Bucks County Council. Red Rover was not successful in bidding for a new contract for this service

Fleet News

With the revised Aylesbury network and Bucks County Council contract gains/losses, there will be a change in vehicle allocations during January - more details will be available then. In the meantime, a single used vehicle in the shape of Alexander Royale - bodied Olympian (N125 YRW) has arrived for Express Service X4. It has received full sign-writing for the route and retains it's airport-style seating layout downstairs (ie most of the seating is given up for luggage space) and has coach-style seating upstairs. It has entered service just in time for pre-Christmas trips to Birmingham.


November 2007

Service Update

The planned service changes are now out for consultation. Some major service changes are being considered for the Aylesbury town services, which can be summarised as follows:-

RR1 Bedgrove - Stoke Mandeville Hospital via Tring Road, Town Centre, Prebendall Farm and Southcourt. This service would be enhanced to run every 15 minutes during the day, with most buses operating via Narbeth Drive (replacing RR2) instead of Tring Road. Additionally, the route would operate via Oxford Road, Church Square, Walton Court and Hawkeslade Farm (replacing the current routing of RR9). Parts of the current route via Prebendall Farm and Church Square would be provided by a revised RR9 (Line 9), with new links to parts of Southcourt. An evening and Sunday service between Town Centre and Stoke Mandeville Hospital would also be provided, at a 30 minute frequency. RR1 would be renamed Line 1.

RR2 Bedgrove - Town Centre via Narbeth Drive. This route would be withdrawn, being replaced by revised RR1.

RR3 Bedgrove - Town Centre via Turnfurlong. This route would be withdrawn. An hourly service would continue to be provided along Turnfurlong Lane to the town centre by a re-routing of Red Rover service 357.

RR4 Coppice and Broadfields. The route would be curtailed to operate as far as Fairford Leys only, but diverted in to the new village centre at Hampden Square. There would also be an evening service between the Town Centre and Fairford Leys only, operating half-hourly. RR4 would be renamed Line 4.

RR7 Stoke Mandeville - Haydon Hill via Town Centre (evenings and Sundays). This route would be withdrawn, with alternative evening and Sunday services offered by Line 1 (to Stoke Mandeville) and Line 8 (to Haydon Hill).

RR8 Town Centre and Haydon Hill via Quarrendon. Timetable and route would be modified in line with changes to RR9, but the 30-minute frequency would not be changed. During the day, buses would serve Tesco's at Broadfields both to and from Haydon Hill. However, the route would operate via Bicester Road and John Kennedy, not Weedon Road and Meadowcroft (this section being part of new Line 9). There would be an evening and Sunday service, replacing RR7, at a 30 minute frequency. RR8 would be renamed Line 8 and would continue to be operated by Routemaster buses during the day.

RR9 Stoke Mandeville Hospital - Haydon Hill via Walton Court, Church Square, Town Centre and Broadfields. The section of route between Stoke Mandeville and Town Centre would be withdrawn, being replaced by revised Line 1. A new service to Southcourt would be provided and  buses would operate via Chestnut Cresent, Church Square and Lavric Road to Briskman Way on a 30 minute frequency. This would replace parts of RR1 and also provide new facilities to roads not currently served by bus on Southcourt. In addition, on the section of route to Haydon Hill, most buses would serve Weedon Road, Meadowcroft and Quarrendon replacing RR8. RR9 would be renamed Line 9.

357/356/357 Aylesbury - Halton Camp. To part compensate for the withdrawl of RR3, service 357 would be re-routed along Turnfurlong Lane during the day to it's junction with Bedgrove, thus providing an hourly service along this road to the town centre. The Sunday service on this route is being poorly used and would be withdrawn. 356 journeys will renumbered 355, although the route and timings would not change.

Subject to completed consultations, it is not anticipated that the revised services would start until the new year, probably January. However, Red Rover believes that these revisions will offer a much higher level of service than at present, more closely matching customer needs and expectations. 

In addition, Red Rover are bidding on a couple more Bucks County Council tendered services (both in the Chesham area) and we should have news on these in December, with services starting in January 2008.

A service that will be starting during November is Express Service X4, re-establishing a link between High Wycombe and Birmingham lost many years ago. It will operate daily via Aylesbury, Bicester, Banbury, Warwick and Birmingham Airport providing useful links for shopping, flights etc. There will be two return journeys per day (one on Sunday). The service starts on Saturday 17th November, giving users plenty of time to get to the Bull Ring shopping centre in Birmingham, one of the best shopping centres in the UK, in time for Christmas shopping! A timetable is now available on the express coach services page.

Fleet News

Pictures of the new Volvo/Wright Urban's for Line 280 are now on the photographs page. As part of the proposed changes above, there will be some additional vehicles required. Therefore, 3 used Optare Solos are being purchased from dealer stock for the tendered services operating from Chesham, with the Dennis Dart MPD's coming back to Aylesbury for the re-cast town services.

September 2007

It's now a year since Red Rover launched the new website and, to date, we have had over 841 visitors to the site, giving over 2580 hits in total - many thanks for all your support! Remember, if you would like a link to your own website, please let us know by using the form on the contact us page

Service Update

The timetable for Line 280 is now available by clicking here . Additional timetable changes mentioned last month have been postponed to allow time for further consultation with Bucks County Council and other interested groups. The changes will not now occur until October at the earliest.

Fleet News

The new Wright Urban Eclipse Volvo single deckers for Line 280 were all delivered by Friday 7th September. They are registered OY57 CBA-F inclusive. All wear a special livery for this new service, and pictures will be available on the website shortly. Fleet numbers will be 260-5. The sole double deck Wright Gemini Volvo is due by the end of September and will be registered OY57 BUS, taking fleet number 665. Withdrawls to note are of both East Lancs Lolynes, 645/6 (V423 DRC, AD03 DCT) which have followed other recent departures to Pilgrim Travel.

August 2007

Service Update

Red Rover are pleased to announce that from Sunday 16th September we will commence operation of route 280, from Aylesbury to Oxford. The present operator, Oxford Bus Company, has decided to concentrate fully on operations in and around the city of Oxford, meaning that the 280 service did not fit in with their long term plans. Red Rover will continue to operate Line 280, is it will be known, at 30 minute intervals during the day and will also introduce new single deck buses to further enhance the service for passengers. A new timetable will be available early in September.

From 17th September there will also be some timetable changes to other routes, with details being available later this month.

Fleet News

The forthcoming order for the Wright Urban Eclipse Volvo B7RLE buses is for Line 280, with the buses being delivered early in September. The order from Wrightbus is now for 6 Eclipse buses, which will all have a special livery for the new service. In addition, the buses will have enhanced features for passengers including air conditioning and TV screens (which will show adverts and news stories).


July 2007

We have now put some pictures on the website of some real Red Rover buses on the website. Most of the photographs were taken just after the business was bought by Luton and District in 1987 and shows a variety of Fleetlines and Nationals in the well known, and immaculate, livery.

Fleet News

A number of vehicles have been withdrawn and sold towards the end of June. Both Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400's 650/1 (W429/30 XKX) have gone to an operator in Lincolnshire; Plaxton Volvo coach JAZ 6687 to one in the East Midlands; Dennis Dart/Plaxton Pointer 230 (M69 CYJ) and Wright Access Scania 205 (M571 KPA) are now with Pilgrim Travel, Bedfordshire. A revised Fleet list is now available on the fleet list page.

June 2007

Service Update

The new Berryfields Park and Ride service is due to start on 19th June. This will operate every 10 minutes between Berryfields, Weedon Hill and Aylesbury Town Centre during Monday - Friday peak hours, every 15 minutes during the day and on Saturdays, with a 20 minute headway during the evening. It will be operated by 3 brand new Dennis Trident double deck buses in a special livery - pictures are on the photographs page. There will be a small ceremony at 1000am on the 19th involving the Mayor of Aylesbury and other dignitaries from Aylesbury Vale and Buckinghamshire County Councils, although the service actually starts much earlier.

Fleet News

The Dennis Trident are registered OM07 ADK/L/M and have been allocated fleet numbers 652-4. They have Plaxton President bodywork. Coach JAZ 6687 has been offered for sale. A new fleetlist, including depot allocations, is now available on the fleetlist page

May 2007

Service Update

Suprising news is that Red Rover have won the Buckinghamshire County Council contract to operate service 366 between Aylesbury and Buckingham, from Jeffs Coaches (Helmdon, Buckingham), now part of the Bowen Group. The normal day time frequency is hourly, requiring 2 buses, with some additional school journeys in to both Buckingham and Aylesbury. The contract calls for single deck, modern, low floor easy access buses and so the two recently acquired Mercedes Benz Citaros (260/1) will be used on this service. The new service starts on 29th May.

There are some minor revisions to some Aylesbury country services, commencing on the same date. These revisions are as follows:-

Service 363 The first journey from Aylesbury on Mondays - Fridays is withdrawn due to poor usage.

Service 364 The first journey from Ivinghoe on Mondays - Fridays is withdrawn due to poor usage.

Service 365 Some off peak journeys have been withdrawn due to poor usage, leaving roughly a two-hourly service during the day which should better match demand.

In addition, also commencing 29th May, some early and late journeys on Service 373 between Leyhill and Chesham Rose Drive or Chesham Moor are either been withdrawn (on Saturdays) or curtailed.

The new Berryfields Park and Ride service is due to commence in June and a timetable will be available nearer the start date of 19th June. A peak frequency of every 10 minutes will be operated, reduced to every 15 minutes during the day Mondays to Fridays and all day Saturdays. At present, there will be no Sunday service.

Fleet News

As expected, Leyland Olympian/Alexander 642 (A204 OKJ) has been withdrawn from service and will be sold at auction shortly. Red Rover now has no dual-doored vehicles, except the new articulated buses for use on RR4. Leyland Fleetline 503 (KON 371P) has finally been repainted into the current livery, leaving Routemaster 406 as the only vehicle left in the old livery. The three Dennis Tridents for the new Berryfields Park and Ride service are due during May, prior to the start date in June.

It is now confirmed that Red Rover have ordered 5 new Volvo B7RLE buses with Wright Eclipse Urban single deck 45 seat bodies (total capacity of 77) and a single Volvo B9TL bus with Wright Eclipse Gemini B9TL double deck body. This is by far the biggest ever single investment by Red Rover in their local bus operations and shows continual commitment by Red Rover in Wrightbus. All the vehicles are due by September 2007, although it is not clear yet as to whether they are for new services or replacements for existing buses.


April 2007


Service Update


May will see some minor service changes, details and new timetables will be posted at that time


Fleet News


The withdrawal of Routemasters from RR9 on 17th March went off very well, with additional journeys being made during the afternoon by heritage Routemaster 405 (ALD 975B), in addition to 403 and 404 (ALM 95B, CUV 212C). Both 403 and 404 have been sold ? 403 for preservation and 404 for use as a promotional vehicle.


Secondhand additions include the first 2 Mercedes Benz Citaros in the fleet, BT55 HTY which is numbered 260 and 261 (LT52 WXB). 261 is being prepared for service, 260 is already in use. A much older purchase is an Alexander PS-bodied Volvo B10M, BAZ 2145 with dual purpose seating, numbered 215.


The entire fleet of Optare Deltas based at our Chesham depot have been withdrawn and replaced with low-floor Dennis Dart SLFs. The Darts have come from a Scottish operator and have registrations N204/7/9/10 NNJ. Their appearance may seem a little shabby (they were never repainted by their previous owner), but all are in excellent mechanical condition. They will be repainted in to Red Rover livery as soon as time allows. A couple of the Wright Access Scania's have also been reallocated to Chesham from Aylesbury. The Deltas were 220-225 (G785PWL, H806 GRE, M810 RCP, G502/3/4 XBL) and all were taken out of service by the end of March. Also withdrawn is a Dennis Trident/Plaxton President 652 (LN51 KYT) which leaves Leyland Olympian/Alexander 642 (A204 OKJ) as the only dual door bus left in the fleet. It is anticipated that this will also be withdrawn shortly. Finally, from the coach fleet, IIL 2159 a DAF Bova Futura has also been withdrawn and sold.

February 2007

Service Update

There are some service revisions from 12th February to the following routes:-

Service RR4    New articulated buses will be introduced to the service, which will have it's frequency increased to every 20 minutes during the day. In addition, a new evening service will operate hourly until around 9pm.

Service RR7    The evening service on Mondays - Saturdays will no longer serve Elmhurst, being replaced by Service RR4 above. The Sunday service is not affected.

Service RR10    This route will be renumbered 321. The last return journey to Reading on Saturdays will be withdrawn due to poor usage.

Fleet News

The three new Wright Solar Fusion Scania L94 articulated buses for service RR4 were delivered in the first week of February, and entered service on 12th February when changes to the service were made (see below). These are the first articulated buses in the Red Rover fleet. Registration numbers are OV56 LAA/LAB/LAC and they have been given fleet numbers 250-252

A decision was taken during Febraury that Routemaster operation would end on RR9, the final day being 17th March. This will enable RR8 to continue as a Routemaster crew-operated route, with crews transferring from RR9. Consequently, Routemasters 403 and 404 (ALM 95B, CUV 212C) will both be withdrawn with both already having new owners after service on the 17th. Routemaster 406 (SMK 758F) will be kept for RR8, with Heritage liveried 405 (ALD 975B) acting as a reserve vehicle.


January 2007


Service Update


A passenger questionaire is also taking place about the future vehicle type to be used on RR9 between Stoke Mandeville Hospital and Haydon Hill. It is currently crew operated by Routemasters (see picture in Photographs), but Red Rover is finding it increasingly difficult to employ and retain crews for this service in a competitive employment marketplace. Passengers are being asked for their views, but we are considering replacing the Routemasters with low floor single deck buses, with a similar overall capacity. Passenger numbers have grown steadily on RR9, and the Routemaster is believed to be part of success of the route. However, if the route is to remain a success, it must be reliable and this is the major concern that we have at present. A decision will be taken during February.


Fleet News


The three new Wright Solar Fusion Scania L94 articulated buses for RR4 are due for delivery at the end of January and will enter service on 12th February. These buses are the first articulated vehicles in the Red Rover fleet and represent a massive investment in public transport in Aylesbury in a partnership with Bucks County Council. They have seating for 59, but have a total capacity of 147 which makes them ideal for the predicated growth in passengers travelling from Fairford Leys and also Manor Park. No registration numbers have been allocated yet, but the vehicles have been given fleet numbers 250 - 252.


October 2006


Service Update

As reported previously, Red Rover has been considering the use of articulated vehicles on town service RR4 (Coppice and Fairford Leys) and it has been decided to purchase 3 brand new Wright Solar Fusion articulated buses to fully upgrade this service. The County Council are also financially supporting an initiative to promote the revised service through radio and leaflet advertising when it re-launches in early 2007. The Solar Fusions have been chosen after positive responses to the similar Wright-bodied Geminis from both drivers and passengers. 


Some timetable changes will affect the following Chesham based routes from 14th October 2006


Service 348    Minor timetable revisions.

Service 349/394    Two return journeys to Tring from Chesham have been withdrawn due to poor usage.

Service 359   Minor timetable revisions.  

In addition, route 52 has been taken over commercially from Arriva and is now Red Rover service 316. It operates between Chesham (Rose Drive or Chesham Moor) and Hemel Hempstead via Bovingdon on an hourly frequency, reduced to every two hours during the evening. 


An additional tendered service is also now operated from Chesham to Bovingdon via Flaunden and Latimer, reinstating a link that was lost 7 years ago. There are two round trips each weekday morning and it will operate as route 349a.


Fleet News


A further brand new Volvo B7TL Wright Gemini arrived on 1st September and entered service the following day. It is RR56 BUS, with fleet number 663. A further Gemini has arrived in the shape of BJ03 EWL (664) and this is currently awaiting repaint in to fleet livery. This shows the commitment to our services and also the investment in our staff and passenger expectations. This brings to 5 the number of Wright Geminis now in service with Red Rover. 

September 2006

A full fleet list has now been added to the web site. This includes all our buses and coaches and will be updated every 2-3 months. The next update will also show which depot the vehicle is allocated to - either Aylesbury (AY) or our new depot in Chesham (CH).

We also now have a list of all of our local bus routes, except special school services. Approximate freqencies are given for all our services in Aylesbury, Chesham, High Wycombe and also Hemel Hemsptead. Details of our express and coach services will be listed as soon as possible.